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Sep 14, 2009

Lady Fortuna 1oz and 50g

Posted by PutraDinar

Only l x 1oz and 1 x 50g...
Call for price... Tq

Sep 7, 2009


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This is an event organize by Islamic Banking and Finance students 09/10 to promote dinar and dirham beside revealing about the truth about what are causing all the economics problems around the world nowadays. Do come to this informative events to find out the truth and you won't regret it... We are opening our booth there... So make sure you all come and visit us at MULTIMEDIA UNIVERSITY MALACCA, MALAYSIA.

Sep 5, 2009

Why should we save some Gold?

Posted by PutraDinar

In this post I like to share with you why gold is so important. First i would like to ask why are you buying gold in the first place? If this is the first time you notice about gold or you have little knowledge about gold, please further your studies and ask someone that really know what he is doing. Before you been drag away with $$$, please see this video and think:

# Why is this happening? Like what I always said, all the post here is to inform your thinking, and only you can lead yourself and your so called money.

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